A clean home is a happy home! Here at LHPS we take pride in helping our customers achieve a clean and beautiful home from both the interior and exterior!

Our roof washing procedures use our cleaning solutions and low pressure to apply and rinse the roof of your home or business with VERY low pressure. All organic growth like mold and algae are killed and all streaking and dirt are removed leaving your roof looking new and extending the life of your roof for years! 

Roof Washing Before & After

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roof cleaning benefits!

One of the most obvious reasons for roof cleaning is your homes curb appeal. An unmaintained roof can and will bring down the value of your property. From black streaks to visible mold and algae growing on your roof, it is not a pretty sight.


The next reason is for the health and longevity of your roof. An unmaintained roof can cause serious damage to the exterior and interior of your home. Having your roof professionally cleaned once or twice a year will increase the life of your roof which means the longer you can go without replacing it which will save you THOUSANDS in costs of a new roof!


Having your homes roof regularly cleaned by a professional is a tasked that is often looked past by many homeowners. Roof washing is a service that should be a priority to all. It improves your properties curb appeal, protects your home from damages like leaks and holes and saves you THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of dollars over having to replace a whole roof!


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